Strange Case in Western Hunan (2023)

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Nonton Film Strange Case in Western Hunan (2023) subtitle Indonesia. Streaming online dan download film sub indo kualitas BluRay 720p gambar lebih jernih dan tajam.

People from Xiangxi have a deep love for their homeland and a tradition of returning to their roots, like fallen leaves. Coupled with the rugged local geography, this gave rise to the profession of “corpse drivers.” Long Qiyi and his apprentice Long Ping’an are renowned corpse drivers in the local town. Twenty years ago, Long Qiyi encountered the most dreaded situation for a corpse driver – a dead-end path. Twenty years later, with the appearance of a headless corpse, a series of eerie events began to occur in the town, and surprisingly, these events were connected to what Long Qiyi experienced while driving corpses twenty years ago…

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Duration: 91 Min

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